Friday 9 November 2012

Time flies

Two weeks passed already, wow time flies when you have a child.

We've done lots since the last blog post.  Missy isn't starting until school next week (got our second choice school but quite happy with it)  so we've had more time to bond and build attachment.

Last weekend we met up with the foster carers which always happens a week into adoption placements.  Whilst we can't deny the foster carer did a great job, we felt she was far too huggy on placement day which the social workers also recognised.  She was advised to be a little less tactile on our contact day and it was only supposed to be her and her husband.  Unfortunately she also brought her own boys along and was again too tactile in my opinion.  Little wonder then that the next day, last Sunday, Missy showed signs of anxiety and wet herself three times in one day.

One lovely thing that happened on Sunday though was that Missy wanted to go 'jogging' with Daddy who has started running again.  It was absolutely pouring it down with rain so we asked several times but she was still keen.  We dressed her up in her jogging bottoms, trainers, warm clothes and rain jacket plus Daddy's bright running hat and off they went!  I thought they'd be back within a minute, assuming she'd hate the rain but, no, ten minutes later returned.  Apparently she was brilliant and jogged all the way and back for half a mile!!  So proud of her.  We all went out yesterday and she beat me back (I was pooped!)

On the whole she has been wonderful.  But we have had some strops and some tears, mostly when we aren't giving her the attention she wants. She is very demanding when it comes to attention and at times it's quite wearing. Daddy and I play a lot with her together but sometimes we let the other one take a breather - although I have noticed that Daddy is doing a lot of cleaning :-)

We haven't had any major tantrums though which is great and we are finding that fine line between giving her the attention she deserves and missed out on when she was with birth mum, and giving her attention just because she has demanded it.  She has great manners for the most part and we have taught her to say excuse me if she wants one us whilst we are talking to each other.  She is also getting much better when asking for things, rather than just saying "I want juice", she will now sweetly say "can I have some juice please".

So far so good.

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