Saturday 10 November 2012

A few tears

A few tears were shed yesterday.  Not just from Missy but from me as well.

Missy was full on yesterday and wanted to play with me all the time.  For the most part I obliged and Daddy joined in too as I'd hate to look back on this time and regret not playing with my beautiful daughter.  Her behaviour was great all day, just a couple of mini-strops over things that I can't even remember now. But by the time 6.30pm came I was done in.

I needed some time out and tried my best to watch Strictly It Takes Two during which Daddy took Missy up for her bath.  Ahhhh, some (relatively) quiet time to myself for 10 minutes.  Daddy is great with Missy at bathtime but seems to get as wet as she does!  It was my turn to read the story but I was so tired that I just sat on her bed whilst Daddy read the book (same book third night running), which he does very well.

Downstairs, after she settled down, I burst into tears.  Just overwhelmed.  And having woken up at 5am for the last two weeks, I was just knackered.

We had the weekly visit from the social workers yesterday too which seemed to go well.  Missy demonstrated that she is settling in well and building attachment.  Unfortunately the family finding social worker still wants us to have contact with the foster carer, with a meeting arranged next week.  If Missy is unsettled by this one as she was the last time, we will put our foot down.  It's going to be hard enough for her with starting school next week and no doubt her anxiety levels will be higher than usual so to have a foster carer meet up is going to add to the anxiety mix.

So far today Daddy has been playing with Missy whilst I've done some chores and caught up with a few things.  I definitely feel a bit calmer.  Although I'm not sure it's right that I'm looking forward to doing some ironing.

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