Sunday 11 November 2012

Meeting Grandma for first time

Today Missy met my Mum for the first time and it all went really well.  Missy was good as gold and definitely showed a positive awareness of people she doesn't know which is good.  Saying that, she was happy to include Grandma in things like pretend cups of tea and cake.

The day began with Daddy letting me have a lie in :-) before they went to play football in the local park whilst I sorted a few things out for Grandma's visit.  Usually I see my Mum once a week or so but haven't seen her for several weeks since beginning of Introductions so it was extra lovely to see her today.  Grandma was fantastic and very positive towards Missy.  Actually I knew she would be brilliant at being a Grandma to someone who doesn't come from her flesh and blood since she her first experience of being a Grandma was to my brother's step-children before he had a birth child, and a fine job she has done.  One thing that was hard was not allowing Mum to give cuddles or sit next to her grandchild at lunch.  It's all part of the 'funnelling' that we need to do, all part of the attachment building so that Missy continues to learn who are her primary caregivers.  Of course, in time, Grandma can do all the usual things a Grandma does.

As it's Remembrance Sunday, we had the TV on to watch the events from the Cenotaph. I had explained to Missy yesterday about being as quiet as a mouse at 11am and reminded her again this morning. She didn't think she could do it but at 11am when the cannon sounded and Big Ben struck, she was absolutely brilliant and we didn't hear a peep. She probably still doesn't understand why she had to be quiet, nevertheless I'm so proud of her and straight after she continued to serve tea, cake and lemon coffee.

Missy has been using the word Daddy far far more this weekend which is great, rather than using his first name.  I think they've bonded over bath time, running and rough & tumble, all of which she loves to do.  Daddy played with Missy a huge amount yesterday which gave me a welcome break after my tears on Friday.

In other news, it was outrageous that Kimberely was in the bottom two on Strictly and that Rylan is still in XFactor.

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