Sunday 15 May 2016

A good weekend

Remember my post, The Adoption Marathon, comparing adoption life to training for a marathon? Well, if we were training then this weekend would be an 'easy run'.

Daddy and I decided a while back to have a rare night out last Friday, so we called on my Mum to babysit.  Before Missy joined us, we went out once to a wonderful local restaurant, ooh at least four years ago. As we had good memories of it, we decided to return.  Missy was fine about it, no negative behaviours, no separation anxiety.  So we had a lovely evening.

On the way there I text Missy's friend's mum about picking up said friend on the way to a Brownie activity day on Saturday.  Friend's mum replied, thanked me for the offer and in return invited Missy to have a sleepover with friend after the Brownie activity.

We ummed and ahhed, whilst in the pub, for a few minutes.  Would it be too much for her after a full day, was it too short notice, would she be ok generally?  We decided that as she'd been to her friend's house a few times and she had been away from us for two nights during the past year, that it would be ok and I accepted the kind offer from friend's mum.

On Saturday morning when Missy got up, I reminded her we needed to pack waterproof coat, trainers, and lunch for Brownies plus toothbrush and PJs.  She looked at me quizzically and then asked "Am I staying at Es?" followed by a very loud "Yes!!"   Her excitement level just shot up and she dived out of bed to get everything ready.

The rest of the day was lovely and quiet.  We went shopping with my Mum and had a lovely coffee and cake.  I got on with some course work and in the evening, rather than going out again, OH and I treated ourselves to steak and chips with a yummy dessert.  We then settled down to watch Eurovision.  Friend's mum text to say everything was fine and I replied saying Missy could call us anytime if she was worried, but that call never came.

This morning, we had a leisurely wake up and cuppa in bed.  I managed some more work before Missy was dropped back about 10am.  She'd had a wonderful time, was good as gold (always is away from the house) and she and her friend didn't stop talking.  Missy says they were up til 3am but I'm more inclined to believe friend's Mum who said it was more like 9.30pm - LOL.

I won't lie, I did enjoy the peace and quiet but I think Daddy and I also missed our little girl too.

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