Thursday 15 November 2012

Back to school

This week our little Angel went to her new school for the first time.  We are so happy to have got her into our second choice school and as it turns out I think it will work better than the school we had as first choice. It was a bit last minute though as the school only got official confirmation from the LA last week which gave us two days to sort uniform, fill out forms and allow Missy a few days to get used to the idea of going to school.

Missy had previously been to nursery and spent a few weeks in Reception class where she used to live with foster carers and, having spoken with the Head and KS1 teacher there, we knew she liked school and had been doing really well.  She was very much looking forward to going to school and  I think she was actually getting a bit bored staying in all day, which she had done for four weeks.

First day was absolutely fine, no tears at all. Her teacher is very happy with her and she loves doing her homework (until the novelty wears off!).  She's certainly a quick learner.  We explained to the teacher that she is very controlling in play and likes to lead play so it will be interesting to find out how well she shares the activities.  She knows about sharing at home but did have a few tears this week when she declared she didn't like taking turns.

This week is just part time to ease her in and continue the attachment building at home. Unfortunately Daddy has gone back to work this week but his hours means he can always have breakfast with us and take her school which is fab.  So far he's been getting home just in time for bedtime story.

I thought her behaviour might change but so far so good (ok, I know it's only been a few days).  She has picked up a new phrase though - "cool dude". LOL.

We have the second contact meeting with the foster carer today.  The family finder social worker is very keen that this goes ahead but, as last week, Missy had an accident, a sure sign of her anxiety.  Last night she wet the bed for the first time so I've been busy cleaning this morning.  We'll see how she is later this afternoon and tomorrow but if she shows signs of anxiety again then I will strongly resist further contact.  Anxiety changes physiology with stress hormones coursing around the body and that is not good for any one.

In other news, we made salmon fishcakes last night which were delicious but how come Angel was much messier than the little children on I Can Cook on Cbeebies?  :-)

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