Wednesday 5 September 2012


Yesterday we attended our Transitions Workshop.  This teaches us all about how to handle the introduction stage; how we introduce ourselves to our Little One using a DVD and book; how we prepare the house; what happens during the two weeks of introductions and what we need to do in the first few weeks of placement.

I could feel my anxiety levels going up and my heart pounding.  There's so much to do and to remember.  But everything the social workers suggest is of course positive and will help us make the transition as easy and as calm as possible for us and our soon-to-be-daughter.

Just as well I didn't go and buy a duvet set though.  I've been looking and seen some really cute and pretty ones, but we were told yesterday to make the bedroom as plain a possible so there is less info bombarding her little brain; she'll have enough to take in without trying to process all the colours and patterns on the bedding.  In time we can make a big thing of letting her choose what bedding she'll like - after all, we actually don't know yet if she likes fairies, cupcakes or princesses.

We do need to buy some fleecy blankets and cushions though, as they are great for snuggling in or hiding in, or wrapping yourself up against the world in. Dunelm Mill is going to do well out of us.  Ikea do these really cute little tents for the bedroom - I wonder if she'll like that.  I used to like making dens when I was little, shutting myself away for a while, just me and my dolls.  I still like tents actually - there's something very cosy and comforting about climbing in, pulling up the zip, saying good bye to the outside world and  getting cozy in the sleeping bag.  Actually I hated Girl Guide camp, but that was probably a big thing to do with being packed off at 11 with a big group of girls, half of whom I didnt know, half were hormonal, having to clean out the lats and falling out with best friend.  Urgh, I shudder at the thought now.  But I was reintroduced to camping in my 20s and I love it now. Anyway, I digress.

We need to prepare a two minute DVD showing, saying hello to to her and showing her around our house.  I'm stressing at that already.  Of course, it doesn't have to be Oscar material, but we want to get it right.  I predict also lots of giggling doing it as my Mum will have to do the recording whilst we read our scripts and get tongue tied.

4 weeks to go to Matching Panel.

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