Friday 14 September 2012

Busy week but can't make decisions

On top of the meeting with foster carers on Monday, we also had a meeting this week at a local hospital with the Paediatrician  to go through medical records.  I hate hospitals (although I do love 24 Hours in A&E - have you watched that?). Hospitals feel cold and uninviting.  Maybe I'm picking up on negative energies all around. But the Paediatrician put us at ease and went through various points.  I really liked her pragmatic approach and came away from the meeting feeling much happier about a few points.

This morning Daddy-to-be and I went to look round a local primary school. In all honesty I haven't a clue what to look for in a primary school since it's rather different 30+ years on since I was at one but other parents have said 'just get a gut instinct'.  We got a good one today and it's top of our list so far.  The one I visited last week just didn't feel right and in fact a neighbour has just given her opinion of it, so it's definitely at the bottom of our list.  The two other schools in between have yet to be visited but we're hearing good reports from people.

We've told our closest friends and am gradually telling a few other friends as the time is right.  I've put a few cryptic statuses on Facebook, with lots of Likes from those that know and ????s from those that don't.  We just told our next door neighbours and they were really happy although our immediate neighbour is already canvassing for her to be a fan of his football club rather than the other big one local to these parts!

What else have we been done?  We're having a new bathroom put in from next Monday so got things like tiles, mirrors and lights to choose.  I can't make decisions about decor at the best of times let alone when my head is full of adoption stuff so we're getting the advice of my Mum as she's great at things like that.   We went to Topps Tiles this morning but both came out with blank faces.  Next door was Halfords so we went in to look at car seats - why do they have to make so many types to choose from?  The assistant in Halfords had difficulty showing us how to fix one particular brand to the car seat, not the best advert really.

We didn't have trouble making a decision about tonight though - we're going to our favourite Vietnamese restaurant as it will be the last time for a very long time.


  1. Best Wishes to you as you prepare and welcome your little one home! Adoption is amazing! We don't know one another but I am excited for you and praying for your success! A new friend in America. :) Brenda


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