Tuesday 11 September 2012

Meeting the Foster Carer

We've now met with the Foster Carers, the couple that have been caring for our Little One over the past year.  Blimey, was I nervous walking up to their front door.  I made Mr go first.  But all was ok and they are a lovely couple.   I'd read some negative comments about FCs on a forum, how they can be resentful of adopters taking their charge away, how some adopters feel they haven't done a good job etc.  But no, this couple were great - really honest with us about the pros and cons, obviously care a lot about her but at the same time very happy she has been found a new mummy and daddy.  The male FC had a similar sense of humour to Mr Sezz, which was good and created a bond.  Not sure the social workers get their sense of humour which amuses me.

The main FC gave us so much information and was mildly amused to see my extremely long list of questions but actually most of the questions were covered in general conversation.  One thing that comes up for me and Mr Sezz is that each time we start long conversations about our daughter-to-be, be it with her social worker, our social worker, foster carer, we both feel a dip in emotions, something scares us and we think "uh ooh", but by the end of the conversation our resolve is even stronger to adopt her.  Not sure why that is, just nerves maybe? and the realisation that the big day is getting nearer and she is becoming a reality.

What the meeting did show me at the end was that even more so now I think we are a fantastic match for her.  Let's hope Matching Panel do too.

I told one of the neighbours yesterday - well actually she'd found out via her daughter who works at one of the schools I've looked around.  She was so happy for me and Mr.  Her granddaughter, who is a year younger, lives just down the road so hopefully we have a local playmate for Little One.

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  1. We got fleecy blankets from Ikea from our two before they came to us and 6 years later my 8 year old still loves his. Your blog really takes me back to those early days. I wish I'd recorded some of those early times in a blog or diary. Great idea.


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