Wednesday 19 September 2012

Nieces can't wait ..

I had dinner at my Mum's last night and my two nieces were there, aged 21 and 29 (or have I just aged your M?).  I love seeing my nieces at mum's and we always have a good laugh.  I think M is one of the funniest people I know and they are both so excited about the forthcoming arrival.  M was asking all sorts of questions, the same we in turn have asked the social workers.  I shared the background, which I am only sharing with immediate family, as I think it's important they know and as my family tree on my brother's side has, how shall I put it, many branches and twigs, I've asked the girls to help me create a visual family tree and a book introducing the most important members that our girl will get to know.  I can't wait to see it.

It will probably be Christmas (oh it's September and I'm already thinking about the C word) before most of rest of family get to meet our daughter but I think we'll have to do a rota so it's not too overwhelming for her (and us!).  Christmas Day will be just the three of us then hopefully Boxing Day and the days after we can have rest of family around.  Daddy-to-be's family will be introduced in January as his sister is off to New Zealand for a month over Christmas (lucky thing, would love to go one day).

We had our Adoption Support Plan emailed to us today which I've skimmed through and will read in detail when Daddy-to-be gets home, but on the face of it it looks good with plenty of support being put in place. Rest assured I will be calling on every single piece of support should we need it.  I don't doubt actually that our Local Authority will ensure this happens, although I have read on the forum that some adopters get no support at all which is so unhelpful to the adopters and the adoptee. So far, I have to say that our LA has been great.

In other news, my anxiety levels have reduced considerably and I think the Emotional Freedom Technique Level 2 course I did 10 days ago has certainly helped.  Or is it that this agony in my mouth has taken over any other emotions? - I had a filling replaced and redone today and am not a happy bunny.

12 days to Matching Panel.

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