Monday 28 April 2014

Things We Do : The Round of Applause Game

Right from the start, when Missy came to live with us, we started playing The Round of Applause Game at meal times.   I think at the time I had just read The Magic for the second or third time, in which one of the tasks is to think about things during the day for which you are thankful, the thinking being that gratitude can lead to abundance. So, I thought I'd try something similar at home with Missy and turn it into a game which would hopefully help her self-esteem.

Whenever we all eat together, usually at weekends and occasionally during the week, at the end of the meal we take it in turns to give each other a round of applause.  For example, I'll say "A round of applause for Missy for listening so well in swimming" for which Daddy and I will give the round of applause.  We then take it turns to give each other a round of applause, but with Missy getting the lion's share.  We'll think of activities she's done well in or tried her best; perhaps we'll notice a good behaviour or something she has said.

Lately, we've given Missy a round of applause for helping Daddy dig a big hole in the garden, for keeping going on a long walk, for making a good effort when learning to ride her bike, for making great tasting muffins, for shouting so brilliantly at the London Marathon runners, for painting a fabulous picture, for helping Mummy plant some seeds and for playing so nicely with other children in the park, to name but a few.

Missy loves to receive these positive affirmations.  She's also good at giving them too.  Quite often it's 'a round of applause for Daddy for working so hard' or 'a round of applause for Mummy for another great meal'.  One of my favourites was 'a round of applause for all of us for just being us', along with 'a round of applause for my lovely family'.

No matter the mood she's been in that day, the Round of Applause game will be sure to lift her mood to one of positivity.  I'm sure it's a game we'll be playing for a long time to come.

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  1. That has really made me smile - what a great idea!

    1. We love doing it, it's one thing that is sure to grab Missy's attention and also helps us focus on the positive.


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