Friday 11 April 2014


We were really pleased with Missy's school report at the end of the Spring term.  She got some great comments for her art (of course) and for her reading, which has come on in leaps and bounds.  Her maths is weaker but considering she barely attended nursery school, she is doing really well.  "She is beginning to shine" said her teacher.  I think, despite what she says sometimes, she really does enjoy school and is happy to tell me more about what she does there.  Friendships seem to be improving and she has one good friend, although I suspect the social and emotional side of things will still need some good support going forward.  I haven't yet had a conversation with the Head about how he's going to use her Pupil Premium Plus, I'll speak to him next term about it.

She has a go at reading everything and anything - road signs, posters in shops, leaflets that come through the door, back of the DVD case and, of course, her story books.  She devours her library books as soon as we bring them home.

The only problem with this is that now Daddy and I have to be mindful of what we are leaving around the place such as papers to do with the adopting course we are on (more of this in another blog).  We used to be able to spell things to each other that we didn't want Missy to understand eg. What shall we do for l-u-n-c-h?   Do you want some c-a-k-e?   We can't do this now because her spelling is getting too good!   We text each other instead!  Right, it's time for a cup of coffee and a b-i-s-c-u-i-t.


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