Monday 8 July 2013

First Swimming Lessons

I mentioned in a previous post about how Missy absolutely loved being thrown around the pool on holiday in Portugal.  She has no fear of the water at all and could play in it for hours.  So I decided to take her for swimming lessons.

It was her first lesson last week and for half an hour she had a permanent smile on her face.  She wasn't exactly swimming as such but her confidence in the water meant she was happy to be there and without arm bands.  In the lesson they use floats and those long bendy things, no idea what they are called!   There are only 5 kids in the lesson with the teacher in the pool too plus a teacher out of the pool.  As with gymnastics, Missy needs to concentrate more  - actually that reminds, we were watching the tennis yesterday and Murray was 4-1 down in the second set when Missy shouts "Murray, you need to concentrate". And he did just that!  :-)

Back to swimming.  We've only had two lessons but there's definite potential there.  Legs are going the wrong way and she's swallowing rather too much of the pool but the smile on her face for the whole lesson tells me she is thoroughly enjoying herself.   I was really proud of her last week.  Not sure yet if swimming and gymnastics will be too much for her - I suspect so at the moment so we'll see how she fares next term.

In other news, Missy is still wetting herself.  Haven't cracked this one yet.

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