Friday 5 July 2013

Our gorgeous cats

I am a massive animal lover.  Cats are my main thing but over the years I've had smaller pets including rats, gerbils and hamsters.  My cats keep me sane, they offer unconditional love.  My first cat Floyd (which actually was my ex's cat) loved me, I was the first lap she'd ever sat on.  She was a grumpy thing too, demanding and liked her own way - hmm who does she remind me of I wonder?  I looked after her like no one had before, I combed her and talked to her.  For logistical reaons, she actually lived with my parents. My Dad and her got on fantastically and when my Dad died, she went searching for him and would often sit under his electric keyboard in their spare room.  She died 6 months later.

My second cat started life at my brother's but moved to mine when she was 2.  She was my best friend when I lived alone - my eyes are welling up now thinking of her.  She always said hello in the morning, she was my rock.  When I had depression back in 2002, Lulu was the constant for me.  If she could talk, well ....  Sadly she died a few years ago, I was devastated, her photo is still the screen saver on my phone.

But now we have two cuties.  We adopted them, of course.  They are brothers, Badger & Jersey, who are mainly white with black spots, although as brothers they couldn't be less alike.  Jersey is fluffy and a home cat, very cute and doesn't mind being picked up.  Badger is slim and short hair, he likes adventure and will be gone for the whole day, coming back after a day of micing in the fields.  He hates being picked up but always comes for a hug in the evenings and loves having head rubs.  Our boys.  We love them dearly.

When Missy arrived, we hoped she'd like them and they would like her.  In the very early days, our concern was for the cats when she was having a screaming fit.  Both cats ran the other way when they heard or saw Missy and we were worried, we didn't want our cats upset!   But a few weeks in, an amazing thing happened.  The fluffy home cat saw Missy with the cat hair comb and immediately went up to her. That was that, friends for life.  The strange thing is he always knows when its storytime, wherever he is he will come into her bedroom when we are reading the story and sit on her bed until lights out.  If Missy is crying, he'll come and see what's up.  He's so cute.

On the other hand, Badger the adventure cat still hasn't really warmed to Missy.  He doesn't run a mile, but he's not that happy about being in the same room as her.  He likes to be alone, he likes the quiet life.  He'll tolerate her and Missy doesn't take that much notice of adventure cat now.

Cats are an integral part of the family.  They are our de-stressers.  I can't imagine life without them.  I've even contemplating writing a children's book about our cats' adventures.  Watch this space!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your memories of your cats, and the relationship between Missy and your current cats. I'm not a cat person myself but I know how pets become part of the family. Our own family dog died just a few months after my dad did, after spending that time pining for him.

    Thanks also for linking up to the Weekly Adoption Shout Out x

  2. My cat too, has come upstairs and in to the room when PJ has kicked off big time and also when she has been crying. Amazing.


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