Wednesday 3 July 2013

An Obstacle Course

It was Missy's PE Day at school today and one of the things she did was an obstacle course; some of the part of the course were easy for her and others not so easy but she got to the end.  Life is like that at the moment; some whopping great obstacles in the way which are tough to get past but with persistence we get there.  It's tough and it stretches us but on the whole we are moving forward.

Missy is up and down at the moment.  As another adopter put it so well, she has "Reception-year-itis".  The routine at school is being interrupted with PE Days, school trip, moving up day, supply teacher this week and arts week.  The thoughts of moving to Year 1 is no doubt in her mind.  She is still wetting daily.

In contrast, she absolutely loved her first swimming lesson and I saw that relaxed, smiley happy little girl that appears every now and then.  She was awarded Badge 7 in her gymnastics and her counting and recognition of numbers is improving.  We've been talking about Dream Boards and she has chosen a couple of things to put on hers.  We'll do these in the holidays (which I need to plan!) and post them here.

Missy loves the word 'no' and tries to outsmart me by saying things like "If you don't do (xyz) then I won't ever draw you a picture again".  Recently though she was darker and said "If you don't play with me then I'll stab you".  Slightly disturbing and I can only think she's heard that phrase from her birth mum.  The next day she commented that she didn't mean it and when she said she hated me she said she was only pretending.

One minute she is delightful, funny, in the moment, the next she is in fight, flight or freeze mode.  It must be so tiring for her physiology.  It's blimmin tiring for me keeping up with her mood.  I try to stay as calm as possible whatever mood she's in and several people, whose opinions I really value, say how calm me and Daddy are.  And breeeeeathe.

We've got our Adoption Review this Friday, our third.  Oh joy.  No doubt they will ask us about putting in the Adoption Order.  I'll update on that after Friday.

In other news, I've lost 8lbs in weight! Yeehah!

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  1. Firstly congrats on the weight loss!

    Secondly, end of term is always difficult for all you say, so much going on! Mini has had a school trip, special assembly, moving up day and a non-uniform day all this week and is massively unsettled.

    And it's unsettling for us too as we watch our children swing from mood to mood, behaviour to behaviour, reaction to reaction. So tiring for them. Can't wait for the holidays (remind me of that when I'm exhausted a week in won't you!).

    Hope your review goes smoothly x


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