Wednesday 10 April 2013

Ooh I do love a delivery..

I do love receiving a delivery.  I get quite a few related to my job but as I'm not doing my job at the moment (technically on adoption leave although there isn't actually such thing when one is self-employed) I'm not getting many deliveries.  However yesterday I got a new delivery from Hello Fresh and couldn't wait to get it open.  I discovered them via Little Bird, the daily discount site.

Hello Fresh boxes are like veg and meat boxes except everything in there is designed to make specific recipes, details of which they include, together with everything else you need to make the meal including just he right amount of herbs, sauce, oil etc.   All the ingredients are fresh and high quality and sourced in Great Britain. What I like is that all the ingredients are measured out so there is no waste.  Tonight's meal includes truffle oil and you can bet your life if  bought a whole (expensive) bottle, it would still be in my cupboard in 10 years time, but doing this way I get just the right amount with no waste.

So, tonight I'm making Cod with Truffle Mash & Roasted Leeks.  Friday we're having Pork Chops with Sage Butter and New Potatoes and we also have ingredients for Chicken Yakitori with crispy red onions and Sweet & Sour Noodles.

For someone who hasn't yet got to grips with meal planning for a family, this is perfect.  I very rarely buy ready meals and love cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients, so am really looking forward to making these meals.  I'm not sure yet if the cost is more than I'd usually spend at the supermarket but I'll work it out and let you know.

If you fancy trying the box and saving £20 on your first delivery, use discount code DRWZ8G.  Oh, and check out the Head Chef, Patrick, if you look at the website :-)

By the way, Hello Fresh haven't paid me to write this blog and the discount I got was because I saw the deal on Little Bird.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this...sounds really interesting. I'm not sure it's something I could get in to - I really do love cooking, but I also enjoy the shopping too...
    Really nice website though...


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