Monday 15 April 2013

Easter Holidays - part 2

Well, I survived (although Missy doesn't actually go back to school until tomorrow as today is an Inset Day).

It's not been easy I can tell you.  I've definitely had moments where I just wanted to walk away, to go back to my old life.  I'm getting very good at cleaning the bathroom and kitchen and I've tried to hide away several times in our spare room where our computer is.  But, on the whole, it's been ok.  Partly made easier by Daddy having four days off last week, thank the Lord.

We've had a few meltdowns, many strops, buckets of tears but really Missy has been fine, if not a little demanding on the attention side of things.  She has periods of time when she just follows me everywhere.

We've kept to a routine as much as possible.  However, we've also been on a playdate, we've gone to the big soft play (I love soft play, I really do, as it means I get nearly two hours to read a magazine - as much as you can read when there are 50 screaming kids around), we've been on a train, we've been to a very large shopping centre, we've been to grandma's, we've been to a restaurant, we've had a BBQ, we've grown cress.  And Missy has behaved brilliantly.

The large shopping centre went really well - she quite likes shopping (may not bode well for when she's older though!) and we treated her to a visit to the Build A Bear Workshop where she got to choose her bear and help bring it to life, adding stuffing, a noise and a heart. She actually chose a dog rather than a bear but at least she chose the least expensive one, good choice Missy.  Thankfully the noise she chose was a woof woof, rather than One Direction singing one of their hits - can you imagine, every time you pressed the dog's paw, One Direction blare out!  After the Workshop, we wandered round the rest of the shops, had a snack, more shops, had lunch, more shops and then came home.  When I was her age, I was whinging about going home as soon as we'd arrived!

Missy has been wetting herself again a lot in the last few days though, sometimes twice in one day.  I haven't sussed what that's all about and I'm very sure it's not to do with any of the activities we've done because they are things she likes doing and has done before, bar the shopping centre.  It might be due to returning to school as they have a new teacher for the summer term.

One thing I've noticed, and she's doing it now as I type, is that she is playing by herself more.  It's only for 10-15 minutes at a time, but this is good, very good.  I think she's playing schools with her array of Hello Kittys at the moment.  Her fave activity is still drawing but in the first few months of her being here, she would rarely play by herself, if at all.    I brought down a lot of her toys from her bedroom and put them in the lounge during the hols and I think this helped her as she could see the toys in front of her and it would trigger her playing.

So, one step backwards, two steps forwards. Slowly, though, slowly.

In other news, I feel the need to learn to sew and use a sewing machine.  Must be my age.

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