Monday 8 April 2013

Easter Holidays - part 1

Whilst I wasn't particularly looking forward to the holidays, I didn't have the same dread as before Christmas.  Nevertheless, I endeavoured to arrange quite a few days where we went out, spent time with friends, did activities, whilst at the same time keeping as much to routine as possible.

Easter Sunday was our first long car journey, over two hours, and first visit to my brother's house.  The car journey went surprisingly well, helped by Missy having one of these .....

The backpack (from Content & Calm) hangs over the front passenger seat, acting like a tray in front of Missy. In her backpack, she had drawing materials, paper, colouring in, small toys and books and this kept her entertained for much of the journey.  Once at my brother's, to get her used to the layout of the house, we did an mini-egg Easter egg hunt around the house and my bro kindly bought her a bigger egg which he left in the greenhouse for her to find.  So far so good.   I'd already explained to bro and sis-in-law about her food issues and on the whole we managed this ok, although she was rather concerned about breakfast on the Monday - when was breakfast, would she get her usual Weetabix, would she have to eat a cooked breaky like we were going to do, when was lunch etc?

Missy spent much of the time there doing her drawings but we also went out for a couple of walks (which she protested against although actually enjoyed).  At night time we spent a while practicising her route from bedroom to bathroom and bedroom to our room.  Unfortunately I forgot to put the waterproof covers on the bed and of course Missy wet the bed for the first time since November.  I think her food anxiety played a big part.   At other times during the weekend, Missy was relaxed and happy although ignored me on a few occasions and at one point I had to disappear into the bedroom sharpish to have a quick cry.   My bro and sis-in-law were brilliant with Missy, having had lots of experience with children themselves.  The two days were like a respite for me in a way.

Last week we've also had two play dates, both where we've gone to their house.  Both times the mums commented how much more relaxed Missy was.  She certainly was more confident and happy to talk to me too whilst there.  What I love hearing is Missy's laughter when she's playing and there was lots of it.  One of the play dates was with an experienced adopter and I always feel much brighter after visiting her - she has been a tower of support.

One of the days we went shopping, including a visit to Ikea.  Missy is really happy to go shopping and loves Ikea, mostly because she likes the meatballs!  As we walked around, she played out a little role play in many of the room sets - so sweet and funny. Takes ages to walk round though!

It's been a tiring week though.  If I've heard the word mummy once, I've heard it a 1000 times.  If I've heard the words 'no,but..', I've heard them a 100 times at least.  There's been tantrums, tears, insolence and backchat but there's also been smiles, engagement, cuddles and copious amounts of artwork.  I'm exhausted though.  Back to school can't come fast enough although this week Daddy is off for four days - yaayy!

In other news, I've won two auctions on ebay. I could get addicted.

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