Friday 9 May 2014


You may have read in other blog posts about Missy being anti-Daddy.  She only wanted me to wash her, read her story, go out with her, listen to her read, play with her etc. If I said Daddy was going to do it then the responses would be a loud "oh bor-ing!". Unsurprisingly, this was getting to Daddy somewhat. Nothing he could do was right (unless it concerned going to a particular play area or playing rough and tumble). I felt bad for him and I felt exhausted by her constant attention.

However, I'm pleased to say that Daddy is now top man.

This has pretty much been the case since the Celebration Hearing. I think Missy is now used to having a Daddy, used to his new work routine, that he's around at weekends and ok with the fact that he can't take her to school anymore.  It could also be that some of the ideas we've learnt through therapy and training are working. Whatever it is, I like it.

The other day there was lots of laughter in the garden with them playing football and today much more laughter in the house. I thought they were playing Lego but somehow it turned into fun chase round the house.

Wash time in the morning is mostly going without a hitch and Missy even only wanted to read to Daddy one evening this week. She's happy to hold both our hands when she is out and is happy to include Daddy in the pretend play when he gets home.  Over Easter Missy helped Daddy in the garden by helping dig around some old tree stumps that he was removing and she's loved going out on her scooter with him following.

Sure there are still times when she only wants me but from what I can gather from other parents, mummies are generally first choice.  But this is fine by me as on the whole she is no longer anti-Daddy (recent meltdowns aside when she wanted to kill him!).

In other news, I'm loving growing all my veg and ridiculously excited this week seeing all the spinach, carrot, parsnip and broccoili seedlings coming up. This gardening lark is definitely helping to lift my depression.


  1. That is such wonderful news for all of you. My youngest can sometimes be a little anti-daddy but on the wholeit's not a massive problem. We kind of provide a slightly different experiences each of us, one of us is silly and a bit rough and tumble and the other calm and emphatic. guess which way around?
    So pleased to hear that your depression is lifting too, I am also moving out of another rather difficult patch. Gardening can definitely be a good tonic.

    Thank you for sharing on #WASO

  2. Glad to hear this, and to hear that it's taking the pressure of you. It can be relentless when it's just you, you, you all day long, not to mention the tension created when one parent is feeling rejected.


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