Monday 17 March 2014

Weekend Box Club

In among all the anxiety Missy is currently exhibiting (which I'll blog about separately), we had some calmer and enjoyable moments this weekend, thanks to a package we received last week.

The lovely people at Weekend Box Club sent me one of their boxes last weekend and although it was addressed to me, I let Missy open it. Her face was a picture of delight.

The Weekend Boxes contain four activities to do over the weekend, including things to bake, make, explore and something green.  Almost everything you need for the activities is included in the colourful box, save for things like, say, scissors, pen or a few of the ingredients for the cook activity (although they did include some spice mixes for our food). Each activity has its own sheet of instructions too and part of the box can be cut out to make a certificate once all the activities are completed.

As Missy loves to cook, we did this activity first for our Saturday lunchtime.  On the menu was Green Pancakes which actually were spinach fritter-type things and I have to say went down really well.

After lunch Missy made a rainbow pot with the colourful pipe cleaners included in the box and we played the suggested Pot O'Gold game with the gold treasure coins also included. There was a lovely little tale on this sheet about Leprechauns (ideal with it being St Patricks Day today) and finding them at the end of rainbows. Then Missy made a lovely bird for the Make activity which I think is really sweet.

Finally, yesterday, we did the Explore activity which was all about sound, including thinking about vibration and the sounds animals make.  I also added a game outside which was to close her eyes and hear how many different sounds she could hear.

At the end of each activity there is a sticker to be had and Missy is a sucker for a sticker.

As you'll know if you're a regular reader of my blog, Missy is big on making things and this Weekend Box was perfect for her.  It also provided an enjoyable time for us together -  next time I'll get Daddy to do some of the activities with her (though I suspect, as is the case at the moment, she'll want me to oblige).

If you'd like to try out a box for free, go to and use my unique code SARAH153.  Enjoy.

Disclaimer:  I wasn't paid to write this blog although I did receive the Box for free from the lovely people at Weekend Box Club in exchange for this review.

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