Monday 10 March 2014

Looking back

I've just been looking back over my old blog posts so I could link up with From The Archive on The Adoption Social.

It's clear how much we didn't know about attachment and trauma from reading some of those posts.  What I've learnt over the last 18 months comes in part from Theraplay and also in part from books I've read, most notably 'Creating Loving Attachment' by Dan Hughes and  'From Fear to Love' by Bryan Post.  But I think I learnt the most from other adopters; from reading their blog posts, meeting up and chatting with other adopters, from reaching out on Twitter.  In fact it was an adopter who first lent me those two books.  Not a lot was learnt from social services.  

I slightly cringe at some of the things I wrote in my earlier blogs.  From what I know now, I know I was naive in my earlier thinkings about how Missy was behaving and how we should act.  I'm by no means an expert now but my understanding has grown a lot.  It's still a near-vertical learning 'curve' though.

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