Saturday 22 February 2014

Achieving in Artwork #2

As Missy's interests expand - she's made a leap forward in reading over the last month and loves reading her books to us - one pastime continues to be her favourite and that is artwork. If she isn't drawing, she's making something.

Often she will see something that I'm going to recycle; perhaps a cardboard box, a cardboard insert from a package, a ribbon or maybe a toilet roll, and instantly see a shape in it. But drawing and painting is still her favourite. Yesterday she drew around a shell to make leaves, cut them all out and stuck them onto a tree trunk she had made. She's going to cut out pics of our family and stick them on her leaves to make her family tree. All her own idea.

I recently found some artists watercolour paper in the loft that I bought years and years ago so I let her have a few pieces. She loved seeing how the watercolours worked on the paper and painted some lovely rainbows. However, one painting really stood out for me. It's a girl standing next to a bonfire on fireworks night. I asked why she was all in black. "Because it's night time and you can only just see her." She didn't know the word silhouette but that's what she meant to draw. Genius in my opinion. For a 6 year old I think that shows some depth.

This post links up with the Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO where this week's theme is 'The work of our child/children'.


  1. Amazing! Particularly for a six year old. That is a talent to cherish and nurture. Love the bonfire painting.

  2. So lovely - she is certainly a skilled little artist!

  3. I really am very impressed. It took my two a long time to start using pencils creatively, I think because they have poor motor skills.When they did it was wonderful to see what evolved from their imagination. I can only surmise that Missy's ability to express her self in this way, will be beneficial to her when facing any emotional challenges ahead.xx
    Thank you for sharing on #WASO


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