Friday 10 May 2013

Achieving in Art

Do you ever dream that you know the answer to something, can sing a song all the way through, or have the perfect reply to someone?  I dreamt a fabulous blog post last night.  It was about achieving.  I'm no journalist   so I kinda write as I think but this blog in my dreams was brilliant!

However, you'll have to do with this one as I can't remember what I said in my dream.

When we were going through our assessment, our social worker asked where we thought we'd be in 20 years time.  We'd be 64 and 70 and Missy would be 25.  I said I'd hoped she might have had some further education, working her way through her first job, maybe even a mini-entrepreneur.  Our social worker said we shouldn't hope for much as adoptees are not achievers.  Ooooh, I wanted to blow my top right there!  I don't really get annoyed much but that comment got my goat.  How dare she label children so freely.  And what, anyway, does achieving mean - everyone has different meanings of achieving and success.  Just because she might not want to go to uni does not make her a non-achiever, just because she might not want to be a lawyer, a doctor, a city high flyer does not make her a non-achiever.  Whatever she does she will have achived.  Uni is not the be-all and end-all.  If she's a hairdresser, she will have achieved; if she's a dancer, she will have achieved; if she's a waitress, great!   (I said it far more articularely in my dream).

Right now, Missy is achieving great things in her artwork.  Her pictures often leave me and Daddy speechless, they are so good.  Drawing and making things is her passion and her resourcefullness makes me smile a lot.  I certainly was not that good at art when I was 5.   The school have noticed her talent and we're looking forward to creative art week at school.

Here's a sample of her work:

A peacock (not copied, all from her own little head)

Rapunzel, the prince and his horse

Daddy's breakfast - she painted some sponge to make it look like toast, glued it to a plate and stuck on some coloured paper baked beans and a knife and fork.  Brilliant.

A pony


  1. What an insensitive social worker?!

    Missy's pictures are amazing, she certainly is a talented little person! Mini is less artistic - see his recent London drawings, much more simple and have to be copied.

    Thanks for sharing Missy's talents with the Weekly Adoption Shout Out x

    1. Thanks Vicki. On the whole our SW is great but that comment really annoyed me.

  2. I think her art work is wonderful. I often hear of children who struggle to attach having poor fine motor skills, something both my boys have struggled with. Not here though, what a little talent. You should be be proud.

    Thanks for sharing on The Weekly Adoption Shout Out.x

    P.S. I agree with Vicki about that SW.

    1. Thanks Sarah. She may not shine in other areas but I'm really proud of her artwork. I can't even draw a horse like that now! :-)

  3. umm, WOW! J is almost 5 and we are working on circle, two eyes, nose and mouth! haha. lookout - you have a creative one there!

  4. Those horses are amazing! Thanks for sharing your daughter's artwork :)

  5. What a talented little girl! :) my girls are no where near as artistic or creative!

  6. Interesting what the social worker said about it. Not achievers?? How can she be so general? - achievement and success are all relative. They are mega pictures.


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