Saturday 9 March 2013

Cleaning is fun

First of all, thank you to my blog readers who have expressed concern for my wellbeing and emailed me to check I am ok.  It means a lot that you care.  Thank you.  I am feeling a bit brighter.  I'm going to write a couple of positive posts then I'll udpate on last week.

So, regarding the cleaning as mentioned in the title of this post.  "Cleaning is fun" is what Missy declared today.

After a trip round the larger supermarket where she is always well behaved, I explained I had a few jobs to do before lunch.  Missy decided she would help me by cleaning the bathroom.  With no prompt or help from me, she started cleaning the bath, sink, taps, shelf and walls with the sponge.  Bless.  She used our aloe liquid soap so no probs with her touching cleaning products.  I wondered whether I should be worried about her cleaning - I hope it wasn't something she had to do in her birth home - but watching her I realised she was enjoying it and genuinely wanted to be like mummy and copy what I was doing.  She actually did a good job (although I suspect one might have a soapy bottom after sitting on the loo seat - I've used downstairs loo since so I don't know yet). Copying, apparently, is a sign that attachment is growing.

She did make me laugh later when we went out to a local soft play.  "Mummy, your tidy isn't that tidy".  I think she's been talking to either Daddy or my Mum.  They both think I'm untidy.  I'm not untidy, I'm just not obsessive about cleaning and having a house that looks like a show house.

Actually cleaning is fun.  When I lived by myself long ago, I used to love my Saturday mornings when I did the weekly big clean of my flat whilst watching SMTV with Ant & Dec or CDUK.  I got out of that routine when I met Daddy.  It sounds like I don't clean now - I do, honestly.  I'm just not obsessive and don't have a  particular day I do the big clean.  But watching the programme has inspired me to do a big Spring clean.  Spring is bright and cheerful.  Spring is new things.  Spring is sunshine.  I like Spring so a Spring clean sounds like a good plan.

However I can't do that tomorrow as Missy has declared that as tomorrow is Mother's Day, I don't have to do anything and that her and Daddy are chefs for the day.  Sounds good to me.


  1. There is clean, and there's obsessive. I'm clean, sounds like you are too.
    Tidiness...well I can live with the mess for so long, then I have to do a big tidy up...bit like my head really.

  2. Oh yes, I am frequently cleaning my head - feng shuing my head is what I call it. Far too much clutter up there. x

  3. Hope you have had an enjoyable first Mother's Day. And, if Missy fancies doing more cleaning, send her this way!

  4. Well, don’t we all love a clean house? It’s refreshing to hear that your daughter volunteered to clean. Also, it’s good of you to keep an eye on her to make sure that she’s doing it right, and that no accident would happen.

    Bong Kingsley


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