Friday 19 October 2012

Meeting our new daughter

"You can have a hug because you're beautiful".  That's what my new daughter said to me  :-)))

We met her last Friday 12th but, I'll be honest, I've been so tired each day that I haven't turned on the computer since Thursday 11th.  I'd read and heard from other adopters that Introductions are draining and so we haven't organised anything else at all during these two weeks; I knew there would be a huge mix of emotions but hadn't reckoned for the tiredness!   But I guess concentrating on colouring for 3 hours a day is hard work.

So, I just want to turn the clock back to last Friday and recount our first meeting.

We left home earlier than we needed but didn't want to be late so we ended up sitting in the car down the road for half an hour.  But then 10am came.  We met our Family Finding Social Worker outside the foster carer's and nervously walked up to the front door. I was so nervous so can't imagine how Little One felt. Inside, the social worker took us into the lounge and introduced us to Little One.  My first impression was 'she's gorgeous'.  A few minutes later Mr leant over to me and whispered "she's gorgeous".   She was a little shy to begin with but that didn't last long and she was happy to come over to us.  We watched the DVD we had prepared, about four times and she pointed out things she liked. I'd taken a little toy with us, which had appeared in the DVD and book and she quickly spotted it in my handbag with a big beaming smile.  She then showed us the book we'd made and showed us her bedroom. We had our picture taken, the three of us and by then 50 minutes had gone by so quickly and it was time to leave.  We both got hugs goodbye which I didn't expect and my eyes nearly watered. Wow!  That little girl was my new daughter.

Since that first meeting we've been over to the foster carer's each day, increasing the time a little each visit. We've done lots of colouring (lots!), we've done jigsaws, played hairdressers, we've done our nails and eyeshadow (even Mr had some eyeshadow put on).  Not sure I'd have got make up for a 5 year old but I understand why she's got it.  We've done more colouring and had lunch together and more colouring.  We've taken lots of photos, that includes Little One who is loving the camera and taking photos of us. The foster carer has been great, the idea being she is around in the house but not joining in with us.  After first lovely new daughter would regularly go to show or tell foster carer about what we'd done which was to be expected.  She knows foster carer is safe ground but over the days this returning to her has lessened.  She has looked forward to us coming and wants to play straight away.  One of the day this week Mr was definitely the favourite and got lots of attention - I'm very happy with this actually because a) she isn't used to having a daddy and b) with daddy working she won't see him as much so needs to bond before he goes back to work. Daddy makes a good daddy I think.  We've also been for a walk, once with foster carer and once without. Without was absolutely fine and we all had a great time.

Foster carer has been great and we've got on so well which I'm really happy about.  How Little One is now and her behaviour, emotions etc is all credit to the FC.

Introductions are continuing, more to come.


  1. That's great to hear the introductions are going well! This post made me go a bit watery-eyed! It is so lovely to be able to read your blog through this time as adoption is something we are considering for the future so thank you for sharing. How long until you get to bring her home for good? Very best wishes, HappyMum xx

    1. HappyMum, moving in day is this Friday. Can't wait :-))

  2. I'm beaming from ear to ear and having a little sniffle at how lovely it is reading this. It reminds me so much of our first meeting with Katie. I'm delighted that things are going so well for you. Isn't it magical how it all happens? Sending lots of best wishes and just wanted to say.........


    Gem xx

    1. Thank you Gem. I can't believe how quickly it's all happened too.

  3. Only by reading your post can I begin to understand what it's like, a beautiful memory and I'm sure all three of you are going to be very happy indeed

  4. Such an important journey.
    As an adopted person, so interesting to read.
    Speak to her of these times often as she grows up - these memories will be magical for her so she needs to hear them over and over.
    In the old days (sixties) I just got handed over with no introduction procedures. How times have changed.
    Good luck with the joyous and challenging journey ahead.
    You are doing something marvellous.


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