Sunday 21 October 2012

A little visitor to our house

On Friday we had a little visitor to our house.  Our new daughter came for a short visit to check out her new abode.

It was just a short visit with the foster carers and a chance to have a look round, check out the cats and her new bedroom.  The cats didn't hang around though so Mr suggested she go find her bedroom and shout when she had found it.  "FOUND IT!", she yelled within ten seconds.  So we went upstairs and had a good look round.  I think she was rather impressed and soon spotted another toy on her bed.  We haven't bought any as she has quite a few anyway at the foster carers but a friend of mine had bought a pink toy back from the States so we put it on the bed for Little One.  She promptly decided to call it Sooty!  We showed her around the rest of the house and then she settled in for a spot of colouring, having found some new pencils on her bookcase, whilst we had a cuppa with the foster carers.  An hour was soon up and as they walked up the drive we heard her say "Have I been good today?".  Bless, she was so good.

More often than not Friday night's are spent in the local Indian and we realised that this was the last Friday night we'd be just the two of us!  So, off to the pub and Indian we went.

Yesterday we had a longer visit.  Foster carer brought her and explained that they were leaving her to play and explore whilst they went shopping.  A brief look of anxiety quickly passed and pens and pencils quickly found.  She remembered exactly where her bedroom and all the colouring stuff was.  After much colouring done, we explored the garden (it's not that big honestly but probably to a 5 year old it is).  Much excitement here as Daddy and Little One picked the last of the strawberries and raspberries, not all of them making it into the bowl of course.  Back inside she decided we were going to have a cuddle on the sofa under the big fleecy I had bought.  Time just flew and we had to take her back to the foster carers.  Another good day, no tears, no tantrums, a few times we said 'no' which passed ok.

Today we had a longer day with our new daughter and picked her up at 10am.  Again, much giggles, laughing, colouring and today we played hide and seek and made biscuits!  Amazingly the kitchen was no messier than when it's just me in there! As far as food is concerned, she eats anything.  Hurrah!!  And LOVES FRUIT!! Double Hurrah!!  I think having her here is going to make us healthier again.  After I finished IVF I kinda let myself have a month off from eating healthily ...except the month off extended to a year and a half off.  Oops.  I've eaten more fruit this weekend than in the last month.  Today we had lunch together which went well.  Cheese on toast, satsuma and petit filous. Yum.  We had another cuddle nap on the sofa and she declared that when she comes to live here we should have a nap each day.  I second that.  Whilst she refers to us as mummy and daddy to others she mostly still calls us our first names to our face but also declared that when she moves in she will call us mummy and daddy :-))   Roll on moving in day!

I am actually in awe of my new daughter.  At her age, yet with a stable secure childhood, I was actually extremely shy and clung to my parents if we went out. I really don't think I could have coped with all the trauma, lack of stability and change that she's going through.  Bless her.

In her words, five sleeps to go.


  1. Hi Sezz - what an exciting time for all of you. I said a very out loud "Awww" at the line about calling you mummy and daddy when she moves in. I bet you can't wait. Hope you get some sleep in the next five nights - if you can. She sounds like an amazing little girl.

  2. Lovely, just lovely. Glad everything is going so well.

  3. Sounds like an incredibly exciting time for all of you. Only 1 more sleep to go?!

  4. Thanks for your comments. Yes, one sleep to go now. Eeeeek!!



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