Wednesday 8 January 2014

It's oh so quiet ...

First week back at school and new swimming lessons - often a combination for high anxiety.  But no! All is fairly quiet on the western front.

Yes, we get daily strops and some tantrums (a big screaming tantrum at 6.15am this morning because I told her it wasn't time to get up yet ) but it's been much calmer of late. In fact, since the atropine eye drops worked out her system and her dilated pupil returned to normal, about three weeks ago, she has been a far less angry girl. Coincidence? Hmmmm.

There have been only two or three rages in the past few weeks and they passed within 5-10 minutes. A few tantrums, mainly around bedtime but on the whole it's a much more peaceful household.  The daily strops we can easily put up with, we generally ignore them.

One thing though that Missy was doing for a while was being a bit anti-Daddy. Not that she didn't want him around at all, but sometimes she'd only want to tell me something or share something with me.  We're very strong on reinforcing that we are a family and what Mummy does/loves/shares etc so does Daddy.  Actually this last week she's been quite pro Daddy; I suspect it's because he's good at tickling.

I knew 2014 would be a better year and I'm certainly trying to be more positive - maybe it's rubbing off on Missy.

We moved swimming lessons because she didn't seem to be progressing, she didn't listen and the teacher often acted like he didn't want to be there. The new lessons are at the local leisure centre where she has been many times and although she was a little anxious before going, Daddy text me half way through to say she was absolutely loving it. She was listening, the teacher was engaging and it looks very promising. 

Right, time to tackle the paperwork before I collect Daddy who is currently under sedation for a big tooth extraction! 

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