Friday 8 November 2013

A Love Bracelet

Missy loves her art and making things.  This week she made this bracelet for me.  Quite fitting I though, considering it's National Adoption Week #NAW2013.

It's a Love Bracelet and if I feel I need some love during the day whilst she's at school and Daddy is at work (she hadn't quite understood that Daddy isn't working at the mo), then I should press the square gem and love will pour out of the bracelet from her and Daddy to me.  How lovely is that?!  I nearly shed a tear when she gave it to me.  For all her anger, Missy can also be extremely thoughtful and sweet (and creative).

In return I sewed and stuffed a little heart, made with material with hearts on, that she has in her school bag so she can do press if she needs some love from us during the day.

I know I write about the negatives a lot, I guess it's because they consume us more.  But it's little things like this bracelet that make me remember why we adopted, why adoption is so important and why, albeit with more research and support, I would thoroughly recommend it.

1 comment:

  1. Thats so lovely! We need to treasure those 'little' moments and return to them when things are feeling a little grim xx


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