Monday 16 September 2013

Earth Mother

The start of the September term still feels to me like a new year, even years after finishing school.   I often re-evaluate what I'm doing, start new projects, even more so than on 1st January.  This year is no different yet it's very different.  Actually, as they say in Vietnam "Same, same but different".

I gave up work a year ago as requested by the social workers so I could devote all my time to looking after Missy.   Back in April I desperately needed to find a focus to help me out of my depression and I turned back to one of my roles which is a home-based business.   Unfortunately, something unpleasant relating to that business completely threw me off balance 6 weeks ago, so much so that I'm not sure if I want to continue. It's left a bad taste in my mouth and I don't have the energy to fight it.  Yet it might be good for me in the long run.

I was reading Green Parent magazine this weekend and, what with the change in seasons, I'm feeling a connection back to what I think in my heart I'm truly about which is related to holistic health and trying to be more green than the average person in the street.  One friend described me as an 'earth mother' type. Not how I'd describe me but I quite liked that. However please don't get the image of flowers in hair and flowy skirts; I do like Costa Coffee and flying long-haul (that said, I did bag a bargain flowy skirt for a £1 in the local charity shop yesterday).  I do have things in my hair although it's more than likely some decoration that Missy has fashioned out of paper.  Though come to think of it, she did put a twig of thyme from the garden in my hair last week.  Ha, maybe I am earth mother after all!

Anyway, I'm going to start looking at how I can fit what I want to do around Missy's school hours - I still definitely need to be there for her after school.  I've also signed up to a course teaching children how to meditate with a view to doing this in schools.  Somewhere along the line, I'd love to utilise my skills specifically to help children with trauma but this probably won't be for a few years.

Going back to the hairdressing, it's one thing that seems to help Missy relax and regulate.  She would do it for hours in my hair and I'm happy to let her.  I've also introduced her to meditation using a CD which we play after she's had her bedtime story and isn't too tired already.  She loves it and often requests it and I definitely noticed a difference in her behaviour when I started using it.  Hence why I want to learn it.

My own relaxation comes from reading a good book or magazine, baking, giving myself reiki or, on a sunny day, just sitting in the garden (obviously mostly activities I do when Missy is at school). Vegging in front of the tv is also high on the list particularly if its a cooking programme. I love running too although haven't done much this year but I intend to start again regularly next week.  If I'm feeling flushed I might even treat myself to a massage. I also LOVE Bowen therapy and have just come back from having a treatment to help a back and shoulder problem.  I love relaxing; it's hugely important and one thing I would tell my clients over and over was to make time for themselves.  Sod the dusting!  Chilling out and being good to yourself is key to good health and less stress and boy do us adopters have stress!

Right, where's the five foot pile of magazines I need to catch up on?

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