Tuesday 4 November 2014

Parent Consultation went well

We had Parents' Consultation at school yesterday.  Happy to say it went well.  Not just because Missy is doing well but also because her current teacher has shown to us she cares, she notices and she does something about it.  This is Missy's third year at the school now but the first time a teacher has noticed Missy likes routine and has taken time to settle down, the first time a teacher has really noticed Missy's anxiety and the first time a teacher has really taken time to help and support.  I wanted to cry (in a good way) when I heard what her teacher had to say.  Missy's year 1 teacher was also the SENCO yet barely picked up on anything that her current teacher has noticed in just 6 weeks.

When Missy is fully engaged in what she is doing because she is enjoying it so much, her anxieties disappear.  Her teacher has noticed this when she is writing and doing art.  Maths, however, is very different and a lesson in which Missy needs support.  She is so worried about getting things wrong, she thinks the teacher will be angry and she is very tentative about putting up her hand.  We're all trying to teach her that being wrong is ok, it's all part of learning and that she isn't going to told off or make anyone angry.  We don't know for sure but strongly suspect if things went wrong at birth mum's house, then Missy was blamed or made to feel stupid.

Missy sees another teacher once or twice a week who specialises in pastoral care.  She is super lovely and I wouldn't mind an hour with her myself.  Apparently Missy has done some outstanding work with her, some very honest work, and I've been invited in to see her so she can show me the work but also find out more about Missy's issues and how best she can help.

I think hearing the feedback from her teacher yesterday has helped Missy a little - she was singing "You're Happy and You Know It" very loudly this morning.

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  1. Wonderful, just wonderful. So happy for Missy and A+++ to a school who seems to really understand what she needs this year.


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