Sunday 15 June 2014

Fathers' Day

Today was the second Fathers Day for Missy and she managed pretty well.  She started to get excited   yesterday by making bunting and heart shapes that she then put up around the house. She also (with just a little help from me) made a cake that she decorated so beautifully with a 2D image of Daddy.

It's really the first Fathers Day that Daddy has been able to enjoy fully as last year he had to work. Not so this year as his current job is a sensible Mon-Fri. He enjoyed a cup of tea in bed, leisurely opened his presents, bought himself a straw hat for holiday, had the most massive slice of choc cake in the coffee shop, has relaxed watching TV whilst drinking beer and had dinner made for him. Sounds like a good Fathers Day to me.

Missy has been so positive towards Daddy for some time now, which is great. In her card she wrote "You are a King. I love you". She put on her best dress, the one she wore to see the Judge and even tidied her room as "it's a special day".

That's not to say it's been a breeze today. We've had lots of backchat that has sorely tested my ability to stay calm. There's something about school that we have yet to get to the bottom of and our therapeutic parenting skills have had a few tea-breaks.  But on the whole it's been a good day.

Both my and Daddy's Dad are no longer with us. I wonder what my Dad would have made of our adoption. I'm not sure he would have entirely understood our different way of parenting but I'm pretty sure he would have been a hit with Missy. He had a very calm nature about him. I miss him and often wish, in the words of Luther Vandross, that I could 'dance with my father again'.

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